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My Virtual Book Tour kicks off today!

I know! You’re thinking: “Wow! Do I need a virtual reality headset or some kind of space age piece of technology that will instantly transport me into a digital recreation of you being interviewed on stage for your book tour?!?”

Yeahhhh, they don’t work like that.

The good news is, you can used that pocket-sized supercomputer most people call a “phone” and follow my book as it’s spotlighted on a different blog site each day for the next month! I’m doing guest posts, interviews, will get reviewed, the whole spiel.

So head on over to Viviana MacKade’s site today and let me know what you think about my guest post! And leave her a note wishing her son the best kindergarten year ever! Because, that would be nice! And I know, you’re all nice people! Except that one guy out there. You know who you are.